Brookridge Eyecare   5116 S Broadway  Englewood,CO80113   (303) 761-3285
Brookridge Eyecare
5116 S Broadway
EnglewoodCO 80113
 (303) 761-3285

Reviews Of Brookridge Eyecare

4.87 47 Reviews
Damon Nolmz
Jul 31, 2018

The most comprehensive, outstanding Stylish, and friendly Eyecare Specialist I know, as I have worn glasses all my life since the age of 3. My family and I have used Brookeridge for 40 years. I now live in Phoenix but still use Brookridge for my eyeglasses. Thanks Per and Staff for many years of taking care of my eyes.

Ale Sneed
Jun 08, 2018

All the people in there we're very nice and very helpful. I got what I needed in an hour. I would go to them again and again. Thank you for the excellent service.

Caroline Goldstein
May 18, 2018

All the staff at Brookridge are very friendly and knowledgeable. The steps Dr. Karlqvist takes to ensure the health and safety of her patients really shows how much she cares about the community she serves. They also have a wide selection of budget friendly and fashion forward frames to fit your prescription needs and lifestyle. A++++

Kasey Starr
Apr 28, 2018

These ladies are exceptional. They were pleasant to deal with and they were good to my 6 year old. The glasses we ordered only took 48 hours to come in and they helped us fit them even though we came in 7 mins to close. We are happy 😊

Mary Knowlton
Apr 16, 2018

Dr Karlqvist was very knowledgeable explaining my eye exam and health concerns. Erin was great helping me pick out frames that would be fun and fit my needs.

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